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It's My Box... by Animerox08 It's My Box... :iconanimerox08:Animerox08 6 0 Who Do You Think You Are?? by Animerox08 Who Do You Think You Are?? :iconanimerox08:Animerox08 0 2 What a stinker... by Animerox08 What a stinker... :iconanimerox08:Animerox08 0 0 Halloween ID by Animerox08 Halloween ID :iconanimerox08:Animerox08 2 0
Fallout Part Two Redone
Tekkie and I were driving out of town in his beat up red '57 Chevy pick-up to the Fallout after our little mission at the post office. By now all I could think about was what Jack had said on the phone.
I promise to tell you what's going on when you guys get back. What the hell did he mean? I was getting so frustrated that I was giving myself a headache; and with the fact that I had cut my forehead wasn't helping. Dried blood stuck to my bangs and made my forehead itchy. Using the side mirror, I arranged my hair to cover most of the injury, which was pretty easy, since my hair was the same color.
"Hey, Tifa," Tekkie's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.
"Huh? What?" I asked.
"You didn't hear a word I said, did you?"
"Oh, no. Sorry. I was kinda spacing out." I lied.
"I said that I was glad you took care of those cops back there, especially the one with the gun," he said.
"Yeah," I replied, "but you were really the one to save the day with that particular guard."
"Point taken. Bu
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Going Green by Animerox08 Going Green :iconanimerox08:Animerox08 0 0
Fallout Part One redone
I woke up in a haze, not really knowing where I was. All around me were trees, so I figured I was in one of the many small forests that Otter Tail County had to offer. What sunlight there was was shining through the thick canopy was a dark emerald, so it was kind of hard to see. I sat up, groaning in discomfort with a sudden headache.
I touched my forehead gently, only to pull my hand back quickly to find warm blood on my fingertips. I touched my forehead again, blindly feeling it to figure out how bad  the damage was. It didn't hurt too much, and the bleeding had stopped for the most part. I slowly got up, checking out my surroundings.
How he hell did I wind up here? I didn't know if it was from the cut on my head, or if I had honestly forgot why I came here, but I knew I had better get out of the forest. Just then my cellphone vibrated in my pocket. I looked at the caller ID and smirked. At least I knew I didn't have amnesia. "Talk to me," I said.
"I need a 'favor'.
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Fallout part nine
I stayed in my room for the rest of the day; mainly because I didn't want to go back downstairs, and because I gave myself a 102 fever from throwing up. So, I wasted my time listening to music, watching videos on Youtube, and taking naps every few hours.
Adam was the only one who visited me, and he brought me a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a bottle of Sprite.
"I'm sorry," he said, sitting down at the corner of my bed. "I shouldn't have pulled the trigger in the first place."
"It's not your fault. It would've happened sooner or later. I was stupid enough to go back down there."
"I still feel bad about it." We sat in silence for about a minute while I ate my soup."So," Adam hesitated, "what do you think about the new guy?"
I looked up from my soup. "Brad? What about him?"
"I mean, do you find about him?"
"Off how?"
"You notice how he acted during the meeting? He seemed really tense," he said.
I looked warily at Adam. "And you weren't disturbed by what was found out?"
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Deviant ID by Animerox08 Deviant ID :iconanimerox08:Animerox08 0 0
Fallout Part eight
Tifa, Someone's voice said very softly in my head. Of course, I was ninety percent asleep and I wanted to stay that way until noon. Tifa, wake up. The voice was more firm now, but I just moaned and put a pillow over my head and put up a mental barrier around my brain.
TIFA! The voice yelled, shattering the barrier and making me roll off the bed in surprise.
"What?" I said aloud, realizing that the voice was Jack's.
Wake up Adam and Tek and come to my office.
I looked at my alarm clock; it was five minutes past eleven. "Now?" I whined.
Yes, now. I'm talking to Blade right now.
I sighed and laid back down on the floor. I guess that was a good enough reason to get up. I got on my feet and waved my hand. The door swung open as I stumbled across the hall and leaned against Tek's door. "Tek, wake up." I mumbled while trying to grab the doorknob.
I got no response.
"Tekkie, come on," I said as I turned the doorknob, entering Tekkie's dark, messy room. Clothe
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Fallout Part Seven
The light was a little blinding as I got out of the hole. The first thing I saw was Jack and Brad, looking at me curiously.
"Um," I said absentmindedly.
"Tifa, Brad is our newest addition to our group." Jack said quickly. I figured that he knew that I knew that I found the shooting range below us. "After we're done talking could you show him to one of the spare rooms?"
"Uh, sure."
Brad walked over to me and held out a hand. I took it as he hoisted me out of the hole just as it closed off. Apparently he was pretty strong as well as having wolf senses.
"Thanks." I looked down and realized that I was still holding his hand. I quickly slipped my hand out of his and looked away so he wouldn't see me blush. "You can help yourself to anything in the kitchen if you're hungry," I said, still looking away.
"Come on, Tiff." Jack started walking to his office as I followed silently.
Now it was my time to get chewed out.
As I closed the doors with my Gift, I sat down in the black comfy chair. Jack
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Fallout Part Six
The drive back to the Fallout seemed longer than usual. Then again, I did have a complete stranger sitting in the passenger seat, and the silence was a bit awkward.
"Is your hideout this far out of town?" Brad asked when he noticed that I drove out of Fergus.
"Mainly to train the younger kids out in the open without causing mass public panic." I said, keeping my eyes on the road. "And if we wanted to add on to the house, we could add on easily."
"How many are in your group?"
I thought for a second. "Including me and Jack, nine. Of course, if Jack approves of you, then ten."
"Jack?" he asked.
Shit, I thought. I didn't want to give away his name. "My leader."
"Oh yeah, I've heard of him from my cousin."
"Who's your cousin?" I asked out of morbid curiosity.
"His name is Demitri, but he goes by the name of Blade."
I stomped on the brake, involuntarily, jerking us forward and back again.
"What the hell-"
"Your Blade's cousin?!?" I asked not realizing that I stopped in the mid
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Fallout part Five
The next day I drove downtown, my mind still playing back the scenes from yesterday. Jack told everyone about the possible bounty hunter that was after anyone with a Gift. I looked down at my right hand, which was in a brace. Jack seemed a bit pissed off when I told him about the group that attacked me. My wrist wasn't broken, just sprained badly. I suppose that was a good thing.
"You should be more careful, Tifa," Jack said as he put the brace on my wrist. "You know very well that the nearest healer is three hours away. And another thing, why didn't you take the gun I gave you?"
"Because you didn't give me bullets for it." At first he didn't believe me, but he slowly realized that I was right and slapped his forehead.
"Dammit, I didn't." He took a pen and a piece of paper. "You'll have to go downtown to the gun shop. You remember Taylor, right? He should give you what you need."
So here I was, driving around in my white Dodge Challenger – which I absolutely love with all my heart
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Fallout Part Four
We were getting close to West Acres mall. Eve was looking out the window, Austin was reading, and I was off in my own little world. This was obviously the last time we were going to be here for awhile, so we'd better take advantage of Jack's generosity. We finally got to the crowded parking lot at one of the entrances and parked, got out of the van, and walked to the entrance with the aquarium.
The mall was crowded with shoppers, and we blended in perfectly. I looked around for anyone who might suspect us, security guards, undercover cops, anyone passing by, searching their minds thoroughly.
"Okay Austin," I said after sweeping minds. "You know what to do." Austin sighed and stepped in front of me and Adam. The three of us put one hand on Austin's back as he closed his eyes and activated his Gift.
At that exact moment, everyone and everything, including time itself, stopped. People were frozen in place. It would stay that way for about three hours, which would give us plenty of time to
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Fallout Part Three
I walked slowly to my room, unaware of my surroundings. When I got to the middle of the stairs, I stopped and stared off into space. I thought about what Jack said, how a bounty hunter could be a potential danger to us.
I remembered the first time I encountered a bounty hunter, and how he had beaten me half to death. He would've killed me if Jack hadn't've been there to save me. I shook my head, trying to get rid of the horrible memory. I couldn't let that fear control me.
It was then I just noticed that something seemed out of place. I looked around and sensed a very familiar aura. And that aura was in a place that it shouldn't be.
"Damn it," I swore under my breath and ran up to my room, swinging the door open. "BROOKE!" I yelled, finding the fifteen year old girl sifting through my things. I made her jump when I bursted in, and she almost dropped my bottle of perfume.
"Oh, hey Tiff. I didn't know you were back!" She said it as if she wasn't doing anything wrong. Brooke loved to come
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Emily Grace
United States
Hm. Well I guess there's a lot to say about myself.
First off, my name is Emily. Too common of a name, but I live with it. I've just graduated high school, and am currently figuring out what the hell I'm gonna do about college. Besides the fact that I'm constantly on the move thanks to a divorced family, my life plain and simple in a small town in Minnesota(fyi: not all the people are "Minnesota nice"). Home, school, work, Tae Kwon Do, flute lessons, writing, bowling, anime, and friends. I guess I can say that my interests are very mixed. I've recently taken up a fettish for foreign and unknown movies like "Pan's Labyrinth", "House of Flying Daggers", and "Mirror Mask". I'm a red belt in Tae Kwon Do, and I don't have very long to go to get my black belt. I've seen over 50 different titles of anime, but sadly haven't been able to watch that much. :( And if you haven't seen from my deviations, I love to write. It's the only thing that I'm good at and like to do. Hehe. I hope that in the near future I can become a famous writer.
......Okay I can't think up of anything more to say, so I hope you'll check out my deviations!

Favourite genre of music: mainly rock, alternative rock
Favourite style of art: abstract
MP3 player of choice: anything that has a lot of GB
Wallpaper of choice: anything anime
Favourite cartoon character: Sanosuke Sagara from Rurouni Kenshin(he's MINE!)
Personal Quote: I got tired of waiting for Prince Charming. So I slew the dragon and climbed out of the tower myself
Saw this on :iconlite2nite:'s journal....couldn't resist.....

Everyone has six names:

1. Your Real name: Emily Bodin
2. Your Detective name (favorite color and favorite animal): Green Tiger
3.Your Soap Opera name (middle name and street you live on): Grace Broadway
4. Your Star Wars name (first three letters of last name, first two of middle name, first two of first, last three of last): Bodgr Emdin (...that's just a little too weird for my taste...)
5. Superhero name (color of your shirt, first item to your immediate left): Green Piano
6. Goth name (black and one of your pets): Black Onyx
  • Listening to: No Sleep Til Brooklyn- Beastie Boys
  • Reading: Thief's Covenant
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Tactics A2
  • Drinking: COFFEE!!


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